Assessment confidence requires credibility. Still, mass appraisal does not guarantee precision. Assessors do not promise exact values because officials do not visit all properties, nor do they typically conduct inspections to verify measurements or characteristics like size, quality and features with values. Lack of substance and inaccessibility to interior features and individualized appraisals weaken their valuation of your property. That is why you need Property Tax Group 1, Inc.

With our services, PTG1 will completely analyze your assessment as well as validate suspicions of or unawareness of errors. PTG1 affords you attention, interpretation, focus, legibility and good judgment. Since the assessor could not be deliberate, PTG1 promotes what you deserve with the following components of its service:

PTG1 secures sensibility for you. PTG1 cannot guarantee immediate or eventual financial reduction. However, what you will obtain from PTG1 is the concentration that you may not have received from the assessor, and you will learn critical truth about your valuation.

For years tax payers have absorbed assessor bias. During my tenure as a deputy assessor with two major townships as well as a member of the Boone County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals, I inspected and valued property, attended hearings, defended determinations, calculated property tax impact, fulfilled State obligations and endured taxpayer frustration.

John L. Johantges, Owner
Property Tax Group 1, Inc.
Level III Certified Property Tax Appraiser

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Did you know?

Many times property tax assessment is done improperly!