About PTG1

We are Certified Tax Representatives who specializes in appeals.

Why does someone need to deal with a Certified Tax Representative? When faced with an erroneous or brand new assessment the standard tax payer does not know how to gage the accuracy of their new assessment.

This is where we come into play!

Basically, we are certified by the State of Indiana to determine the accuracy of the Taxpayer's real property assessment and, if over assessed, our staff is certified by the State of Indiana to represent the taxpayer when challenging their local county assessor. Also, since dealing with your local government is like running blind in a maze, I'm the best alternative when dealing with the taxpayer's county assessor, auditor and Treasurer.

Having over eight years as a Realtor, three years experience with two major townships and eleven years in private practice has certainly honed my skills to property appeal and win property tax cases, estimate future property tax obligations and recommend how the client can save money on their current property tax indebtedness. Allow our staff to show you what we can do.

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Did you know?

Many times property tax assessment is done improperly!